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load strap

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cargo strap Ratchet Tie Down Straps - 4 Pk - 15 Ft- 500 Lbs Load Cap- 1500 Lb Break Strength- Cambuckle Alternative- Cargo Straps for Moving Appliances, Lawn Equipment, Motorcycle - Includes 2 Bungee Cord HIGH QUALITY RATCHET TIE DOWN STRAPS – Travel with peace of mind if you've got the top rated industrial grade AUGO tie down straps! RUBBER COATED "S" HOOKS - Prevent your cargo and vehicle from being scratched! ERGONOMIC HANDLES ARE MOLDED ON – AUGO has unique molding technology. Our handles will never fall off! ADJUST TO THE SIZE OF YOUR CARGO – 15 ft. of webbing will securely hold big or small loads! TWO AUGO BUNGEE CORDS – Comes in handy. Added for your convenience!


DC Cargo Mall 2-Pack 2 Inches Wide x 20 Feet Long Logistic Tie-Down Ratchet S... Product Overview See our easy 5 step guide here. Logistic Cargo Tie-Down Straps with E Track Spring Fitting End Attachments When you transport freight, you need a guarantee that your cargo will remain whole and undamaged. E track straps are of the best restraints you can use; they are compact and simple to use, adjustable for all size loads and trucks, and most of all, reliable. E track straps require no installation; they only need an E track rail or single installed on the floor or wall of your enclosed van, truck, or trailer. This 2" wide and 20' long E track logistic strap with spring E fitting attachments smoothly clicks into the slots of your E track rails or singles along the walls or floor of your flatbed or van. The adjustable ratchet allows you to tweak the length of the tie-down strap. Once you've chosen the 20' long strap that best suits your trip, complete the loading process and double check for tightness, proper lock-hold, and all-around security. Test your E track rails to confirm that no screws are loose. Then press the tie-down strap's E track fitting and insert the hook into an E track single or rail slot. Wrap the strap or rope around your cargo, and hook the other end into another E track slot further down the E track or on another track. To remove the cargo strap, the lift and go spring system makes it easy to push down on the protruding piece and slide it out. To adjust the length of your strap, pull on the top clasp to let the strap loose, then grab the ratchet handle and crank up and down to tighten. Our ratchet straps are all made with quality polyester webbing that is strong and waterproof, preventing rotting and mold growth. They can handle extreme temperatures and hold up against UV rays. This 2" wide and 20' long strap is made of blue webbing and a durable ratchet buckle. Features THESE TIE DOWN RATCHET STRAPS Are Made Out Of The Most Reliable Materials Available with the highest standard workmanship; CLICK THE IMAGES to view more ways to use these fabulous E-track tiedown cargo straps for trucks, trailers, vans, sailboats, kayaks, cars, motorcycles, RVs, and other tie down needs NEVER REPLACE YOUR STRAPS AGAIN! These ratchet tie-down cargo straps are made out of Durable Blue Polyester Webbing (strap material) that is water- and UV ray- resistant, minimizing the risks of mold/mildew growth; they will not shrink or stretch even when wet; These 2" Wide X 20' Long Sturdy Ratcheting Logistic Cargo Tie-Down Straps have a webbing break strength of 6,000 pounds, an assembly break strength of 3,000 pounds, and a Safe Working Load Limit of 1,000 pounds EASILY SECURE CARGO LOADS In Your Box Truck, Cargo Van, Pickup Bed, Flatbed/Utility Trailer, Enclosed Trailer, Or Warehouse with the convenient and versatile E track system; each blue Etrack strap tiedown has, at each end, an E TRACK spring fitting attachment that clicks into any slot on your horizontal or vertical E track rails or singles See The Seventh Image For A 6-STEP HOW-TO GUIDE, also sent by email upon purchase: The Steel Ratchet Is Made To Ensure The Most Reliable Trailer And Truck Cargo Securement throughout the bumpiest rides: open the ratchet by lifting the lever and threading the loose strap end around the bottom rod of the spindle (ratchet handle), pull the excess webbing through and pump the strap tight until it is Wrapped Securely Around Your Cargo Load; then clip the lever down and your load is immovable! THESE E-TRACK RATCHET TIE-DOWN STRAPS are also available in singles and in packs of 4 and 10; we offer personal customer service and a Confident 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee On All Of Our Products! Shop With The Assurance That Dc Cargo Mall Has Got Your Back And Your Valued Goods Will Always Be Safe When Tied Down With Our Superior Etrack Straps!